Thursday, April 26, 2007

Bill Moyers' Buying The War

I watched Bill Moyer's Buying the War Wednesday evening. It didn't shed any new light on the subject for myself because I already knew the Bush administration was lying just to get back at Saddam because as Bush said, "he went after my daddy". So why are American troops still fighting in Iraq? I thought it was for the oil? But that's funny, the price for gasoline has gone up 33% in the last month. I would have been agreeable to the invasion if they would have said they are invading to secure one of the largest oil reserves in the world, as long as my fuel prices go down but they went after the WMD. Well, we didn't find any WMD there, so that's not it.

The reason we are still in Iraq is because if American troops pull out of Iraq Israel will be in danger. American troops are risking their lives for Israel, not because America is in any immediate danger from a terrorist plot. This has been the veil that was pulled over our eyes. Before the Iraq war Israel stated that Iraq was their biggest threat. Link here:

Israel now states that Iran is their biggest threat. Link here:,,1760728,00.html

Will we be fooled again?

Well thanks for trying Bill, but you didn't really hit the nail on the head. You have shown the American people that the mass media and journalists basically went to sleep while the Bush Administration ran wild with false information but we need to start hearing the truth from influential people like yourself if we want this nightmare to come to and end.

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